God Of War 4: Be the warrior

Like Father, Like Son..!!

The gaming industry is improving day by day by its significant graphics, and the unique storyline. It causes the gamers now expect more and more.

Today we are talking about one of the games which make many of 90’s kid childhood fabulous and again take a good grasp in 2018. Yes, I am talking about a God of war. The Ghost of spartan Kratos vs the most mighty Greek Gods. Now, For those who are not aware of the God of war franchises for them, God of war has right now four parts, and the last three issues were by the Greek mythology, and now this was a 4’th version of God of war series. If you want to to know the entire storyline in short, please watch the following video.


Ok, now many of you not understood this bit complicated story, and to understand it in probably 7 minutes it is hard. So, this is a story of the great Spartan warrior Kratos who was also a son of Zeus.At one time Kratos was defeated by one of the barbarian kings at that time Kratos ask the Ares(God of war) for help instead of to serve until his death.Ares help Kratos and also give him a powerful weapon called Blade of chaos. Kratos serve these god for ten years.At a one time, Ares ordered Kratos to march on the one of the Athena’s(one of the goddess) temple, where Kratos accidentally killed his wife and a daughter. For revenge, Kratos tries to kills Ares but fail.Inbetween he always gets the nightmares about his family. After to much frustrated to this nightmares, he begs for help to Athena, who tells Kratos about the Pandora’s Box (has the power to kill a God) after much efforts Kratos open a Pandora’s box and become dominant.Then he killed Ares and become a God of war.Even after completed his vengeance he does not escape from his nightmares. He again goes to Athena. She messes with Kratos mind and makes him against the Olympian Gods.This cause to Kratos fight against these Olympus gods and one by one he killed every single god including the Zeus.

Now many of you confuse that in the God of war three the world is in pretty lousy shape.Then how in the God of war four doesn’t show any chaos?.In answer to that, the director of God of war Cory Barlog said that the world of Kratos has many societies like Greek, Egyptian, Norse and the Hindu mythology. Kratos travels to the Norse land. Where all Norse gods Odin, Thor was there. I hope in future marvel should introduce the God of war character in their universe. Ok, now back to the story so in Norse land, Kratos lives with his second wife Frey and son Atreus.


The storyline of the God of war four begins after the death of Frey where the story mainly focuses on the father and the son relationship. So it makes the story an emotional with the most heart touching ending.The journey begins with the motive to spread the Frey ashes from the summit of the mountain and for that the great adventure of the father and the son begin.

The game has very high graphics with a small detailing. And man…!!! what a badass look of Kratos with a fully grown beard. I love that look. The game also introduces a brand new weapon called Leviathan which is an axe along with as always brutal attacks of the Kratos.The game also includes lots of new features, with up gradation of the skills and the armours. After the storyline ended you still explore the land to defeat legendary valkyries so, you can feel like other open world game.

If you are a real fan of God of war series, then you should give a shot to this game, and I want to mention one last pro tip that when a game end’s don’t forget to go to the home, at last, it has a secret ending.