The Rise of an ‘Egyptian king’-Mohamed Salah Ghaly.

Egypt is the country in the northeast of Africa, one of the worlds oldest civilisation, with almost 97% area covered by the western desert of Sahara…Nile river being the gift and lifeline of Egypt flows through the middle of the country…most of the cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta, Quena etc. are often found on the bank of the river. So apparently the politics, economy, trade, social welfare revolves around these cities. The lifestyle in Egypt is frequently disturbed due to terrorist attack, conflicts with neighbours, that is why there is still no democracy in function. In such a situation we always see a rise of a hero who becomes a ray of hope and tries to overrule the whole case. When we left with no tools for fighting against many odds Sports always builds up a bridge of dreams. Especially the Cricket matches between India and Pakistan, England and Australia, many footballs, basketball, badminton leagues, the world cups, commonwealth games around the globe etc.

Salah born in Nagrig, a small town in the gharbia governorate. His parents always taught him to live a life like an ordinary man, but salah had different plans in mind. He was damn crazy over playing football.

Despite being a small town boy, In Egypt, there is a plane painted with his image over it, posters on streets. Today he has become a most popular personality in Nagrig.
In Liverpool, there is a hotel which offers free ‘Falafels’ (traditional middle eastern food)  on every goal scored by salah to all visitors present.
He has a song on his name,’ Mo salah Egyptian king..LA LA LA salah.’

Readers might have thinking why I’m giving more importance to salah only.
The reason lies ahead READ it!!

#Reasons Behind His Popularity,
1) An incredible journey of this man and the background through which he came successfully.

2) Salah override all other contestants with his persuasive skills.

3) He ensured Egypt qualified for the world cup in Russia this year after 28 years of drought.

4) Playing for Liverpool 2017-18, 25 years old man scored record 31 GOALS in 34(2) APPS still two matches to go.

5) 40 GOALS across all other competitions UEFA Champions league, FA cup etc.
Became the first player of Liverpool to achieve this since IAN VASH did in 1980’s.

6) He Pulled Liverpool in champions league finals this season 2017-18.

#What made him Unique,
Besides C.Ronaldo, L.Messi, A.Griezmann, G.Buffon, Neymar, Rooney and few from past Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho, D.Beckham etc. Many of us know this legend, but we don’t go beyond them but today world is interested in knowing this rising ‘KING OF EGYPT’.
Salah is always down to earth he never has an ego problem in his game which one can notice from his behaviour on the ground.
He is so calm and relaxed minded even when he scored goals he never makes a show of it…instead, he celebrates them in his style (known as sajada,सजदा) which looks calm and gentle.
Due to his behaviour and calm approach towards game he grabs many hearts of all.

Over the years we have formulated the meaning of patriotism to give sacrifice for our country in the form of providing lives.
As the time passes ( after WW 1,2), the word has taken a different meaning.
Nowadays, Sacrifices does not mean giving lives for the country but also providing a contribution to improve nations socio-economic welfare, poverty, health, education.
Salah did the same he knew what are the problems and challenges ahead of his country hence, he actively takes an interest in that and touches many issues of national importance.
He is the ambassador of the programme,  to avoid teenagers who are on the verge of taking drugs illegally.

1) PFA Player of the year 2018.
2) African Player of the year 2018.
3)Writers footballer of the year 2018
(One of the Strong contestant for Ballan d’Or 2018.)

#concluding statement,
The 25-year-old has had a stunning impact since arriving at Anfield but this humble superstar, who is an idolised in Egypt, has shown grit and determination to become a superstar.
Hats off to such patriotic young man who is doing a fantastic job representing his country abroad.
Long live Egypt, Long live SALAH, Long live PHARAOH !!!!